Subscription Management System


Cooperative Extension is a partnership between state, federal, and county governments to provide scientific knowledge and expertise to the public. Extension plays a critical role to disseminate the research-based knowledge into helpful, ease-to-use information to improve people's livelihoods. In the digital age, technologies provide effective means to engage clientele and bring them relevant and up-to-date content at right time via their preferred medium. Given the wide scope of Extension program areas, localized information, and distributed content creators, the Subscription Management System (SMS) is designed to assist extension clientele in subscribing to newsletters, events, and other materials provided by UF/IFAS. Content creators may use the system to communicate with their clients and deliver up-to-date, tailored information to targeted audiences. SMS provides a means to support Extension clientele engagement through:

  1. Distributed subscription management. SMS subscribe button or API allows clientele to subscribe a specific or all newsletters/topics from county or program websites.
  2. Centralized clientele database. Clientele information is central managed, and Extension agents may engage clientele at county, neighboring counties, Districts, and statewide for selected program areas.
  3. Multi-channel content delivery. Initial content may be delivered via email, and the same content could be shared through web and social media.